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Dear Dr. Heskiaoff, Thank you for giving me back some real quality to my life. You have replaced both my knees (full knee replacement) exactly 5 years apart- R. knee in March of 2005 and L. knee in March of 2010.

Mr. James Wittman

My fast progress and recovery is the proof of Dr. Heskiaoff’s expertise and vast experience in total knee replacement surgery. Now, I am doing very well and am very grateful to Dr. Heskiaoff for giving me back active and pain-free life.

Mr. Allen

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Gender Specific Knee Replacement

Gender Specific knee replacement in actuality is the same procedure as a regular total knee replacement. In the past, all orthopedic companies made only one type of implant for both genders, which caused some mismatch for many female patients. The skeletal structure and anatomy of men and women differ. There was a need to have implants that catered women as well.  With the Gender Specific total knee implant, female patients can actually have an implant specifically made to fit them. Dr. Heskiaoff uses the Gender Specific total knee implants made by Zimmer.