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Dear Dr. Heskiaoff, Thank you for giving me back some real quality to my life. You have replaced both my knees (full knee replacement) exactly 5 years apart- R. knee in March of 2005 and L. knee in March of 2010.

Mr. James Wittman

My fast progress and recovery is the proof of Dr. Heskiaoff’s expertise and vast experience in total knee replacement surgery. Now, I am doing very well and am very grateful to Dr. Heskiaoff for giving me back active and pain-free life.

Mr. Allen

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Knee Surgery Articles

Knee Replacement Surgery
Knee replacement surgery is a common procedure, and more and more people turn to knee replacement surgery to improve pain and functionality lost to injury or disease.

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Arthroscopic knee surgery information
Knee arthroscopy is one of the most frequently performed procedures to look into the joint with a camera. And, the most common type is Arthroscopic knee surgery. The surgery is generally conducted creating small incisions in the skin to fix injuries to tissues like ligaments, cartilage, or bone within the knee joint area.

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Key tips on Gender Specific knee replacement
In our body, the knees are the most complex joints as they allow not only our leg to bend and straighten, but also twist and turn. In fact, we use our knees for a wide range of movements. But, a painful knee can make it harder to perform everyday activities as well as enjoy an active life.

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