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Dear Dr. Heskiaoff, Thank you for giving me back some real quality to my life. You have replaced both my knees (full knee replacement) exactly 5 years apart- R. knee in March of 2005 and L. knee in March of 2010.

Mr. James Wittman

My fast progress and recovery is the proof of Dr. Heskiaoff’s expertise and vast experience in total knee replacement surgery. Now, I am doing very well and am very grateful to Dr. Heskiaoff for giving me back active and pain-free life.

Mr. Allen

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Welcome to Knee Surgery Doctor

This website is dedicated to address the entire range of knee related problems and offers patients most advanced need-based solutions. At, Dr. David Heskiaoff & Dr. Jason Freedman provide complete range of treatment facilities for knee problems beginning from non-operative treatment to the Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement technique extending up to procedures like Partial Knee Replacement, Gender Specific Knee Replacement and Arthroscopic Knee Surgery.

The office consists of two highly specialized orthopedic surgeons, who treat all general orthopedic conditions, but an emphasis is placed on knees, hips, and shoulders.

Patients are sent via doctor referrals, as well as other resources, such as internet advertisements, etc. On-site diagnostic equipment is available, such as a digital X-ray machine, and an MRI machine will be added in the near future.

We use advanced surgical and rehabilitation techniques and focus on providing total comfort and best medical care possible, with maximum efficiency and convenience for the patient.