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Dear Dr. Heskiaoff, Thank you for giving me back some real quality to my life. You have replaced both my knees (full knee replacement) exactly 5 years apart- R. knee in March of 2005 and L. knee in March of 2010.

Mr. James Wittman

My fast progress and recovery is the proof of Dr. Heskiaoff’s expertise and vast experience in total knee replacement surgery. Now, I am doing very well and am very grateful to Dr. Heskiaoff for giving me back active and pain-free life.

Mr. Allen

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Partial Knee Replacement

Some patients can develop osteoarthritis on only in one part of the knee.  Unlike a total knee replacement where the entire knee is replaced, a partial replacement entails replacing either the lateral (outer), medial (inner), or the patella-femoral(knee cap) part of the knee. This procedure requires a smaller incision.  The arthritic portion of the knee is shaped to the implants and only on the affected parts are replaced.

The patients who undergo partial knee replacement recover much faster than patients who undergo total knee replacement. At times, partial knee replacement could be done on an out-patient basis, meaning the patient does not have to stay in the hospital.